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Akcayoz construction is in the industry since 1996. Akcayoz construction became prominent with concrete and industrial floor application. In a progress time Akcayoz construction has signed in big project about substructure, superstructure, fine (finishing) and rough construction works.

Akcayoz construction,

Construction chemicals and insulation industry BTM, SİKA, JOTUN, BASF, DRACO, YKS, İNTERFIX brand has significant sales and application is a solution partner.

Akcayoz Construction established under the headline of the Akcayoz Construction-led and 3 surface design and media companies serving different industries with Akcayoz Group and increased quality of services in different projects.

Government procurement has proved adequacy about Akcayoz Construction in 2014 DSİ from Manisa- Kula Bebekli Village irrigation canal and pond with the construction sector a different business area also proved its success.

Akcayoz Group, under the headline of companies with many years of uninterrupted and its customers to provide quality services.